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Conservation - MEXICO
Our Mexico Conservation project

Why Conservation in Mexico?

Mexico is the most diverse country in the world regarding number of reptile species. So far, close to 720 species have been discovered here.

Isolation is a big problem regarding conservation work, the over exploitation of the natural resources is not well controlled in remote areas. Sometimes it is easier for the residents of rich bio diverse areas for instance, to collect and sell turtle eggs or crocodile skin and help their own economy. Our conservation project links the communities and our volunteers together to create a long lasting project and forge new relationships within the community.

Volunteering in Mexico

The Olive Ridley Turtle lays its eggs on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Unfortunately it has rapidly become an endangered species over the past twenty years. Projects Abroad have set up a camp and research centre to try to preserve this species. The camp is called Campamento Tecoman and is located on the beach itself. Here our volunteers work alongside Mexican biologists and other experts, patrolling the 18-mile beach and conducting various other tasks related to the preservation of the Oliver Ridley Turtle. Volunteers also carry out research on the diverse birdlife of the area and study other mammal, reptile and plant species, including work on a crocodile conservation project.

Why take part in a Conservation project?

Man's negative impact on the environment is more apparent today than ever before. Unsustainable development, a rapidly growing population, exploitation of natural resources, high pollution levels, over-hunting of animals... these are just some of the ways in which man has abused and is abusing the earth. The consequences of our actions are serious. In destroying natural habitats and causing the extinction of animal species, we are simultaneously destroying our own habitat and causing potentially irreversible damage, the effects of which will be suffered by future generations.

Taking part in a conservation project will not 'save the world'; however each volunteer has the power to make a valuable contribution. By preserving a part of the natural world, you are preserving an integral part of the network of life.


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